Chapter 935 (Teaser)

[You have completed the map of the Sword Grave!]


Grid had expected to take at least a fortnight to complete the map, but the schedule quickened thanks to the emergence of the martial god follower who had learned two secret techniques. An unexpected crisis turned out to be good luck.

“It is thanks to the increase in my good luck stat. Huhu. I should be renamed as the king of luck.”

Grid smiled as he was reminded of his good luck stat soaring thanks to the elixirs. He ignored the Overgeared Skeletons who were making wistful expressions on the side.

‘Additionally, I was also lucky when falling into Garam’s trap. If this luck keeps up, I can reach the Sword Grave and clear the hidden quest before the National Competition.’

The excited Grid forgot something for a moment. This place was the Galgunos Temple. It wasn’t a safe zone.

“You destroyed my created soldiers! It is hateful!” Galgunos’ roar came from underground, and it shook the whole temple. Grid’s group was alert since they had consumed all their resources while facing the martial god follower. Judging that another martial god follower was going to appear, they prepared to run.

Grid’s party gulped and took potions while checking the status of their items and skills. Nevertheless, they were meaningless actions. The party didn’t need to be so v...

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