Chapter 934 (Teaser)

[Queen of Mocking and Violation]

[Once health falls below 50%, an illusion will be summoned with every further 10% decrease in health.

The health, defense, and agility of the clone are affected by your body’s current health, defense, and agility. However, its attack power is fixed at 10% of the body. Additionally, the skills of the clone are limited to basic skills.

Every time you summon an illusion, it will show hallucinations to all the surrounding people. They won’t be able to distinguish between your body and the illusion.

A target who attacks the clone will have 30% of the damage the target dealt reflected. However, it won’t lead to death.]

The third of Belial’s powers was a near perfect illusion magic. It summoned a clone every time the caster lost health. All targets in the area couldn’t distinguish between the two of them. The target that attacked the illusion would receive reflected damage. Additionally, the clones copied most of the stats of the main body.

All the effects were as good as gold. He would be a pushover if he used such a skill and couldn’t devastate the enemy. However, Grid never used this skill in actual combat. Was it because he was a pushover? No, it was because the skill was extremely difficult to control.

The disadvantage of this versatile skill was simple and clear. It was difficult.

[You have suffered 8,190 damage.]

[The target has received 12,200 damage.]

[You have been counterattacked...

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