Chapter 933 (Teaser)

“I am planning to increase the number of subordinate guilds under the Overgeared Guild. The leader of the guild should be one of Grid’s close aides.”

They were lacking talents.

Lauel habitually grumbled about this, but it was from the blind perspective of someone at the top. The Overgeared Guild was full of people. It was no longer possible to maintain only two guilds because they had reached the maximum capacity of each guild. Just as large companies had affiliates, it was time for them to separate their guilds.

“It is a prudent matter, and I plan to implement it gradually. But I need to set up the Shadows group as soon as possible. Today would be good. As you know, it is the busiest organization, and it is urgent to recruit people...”

“Do you want me to take care of it?”

“That’s correct. Can you do it?” Lauel’s attitude was cautious.

Currently, the members of Overgeared Guild One were treated as ‘knights’ under Piaro, and they received a compensation effect to their stats. Their stats would drop the moment they left Overgeared Guild One. Now, Lauel was forced to sacrifice Faker, who had...

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