Chapter 93 (Teaser)

“The lady has already been gone for half a day! Yet we still don’t know where she is? Incompetent people! Don’t stop looking! Find the lady!”

Phoenix had been defeated and seriously injured in battle against the Eighth Servant, Yura. While he was lying in bed and half losing his mind, a change took place in Winston Castle.

A high ranking elder of the Yatan Church infiltrated the castle, brainwashed the administrator, killed the soldiers, and Irene went missing. Phoenix couldn’t even get out of bed, but he started getting seizures after hearing that Irene had yet to be found.

“Captain’s wounds are worsening! Please calm down! We will find the lady unharmed.”

“Shut up! My health isn’t important right now! Why are you repeating the same words as before and not doing anything?”

Night deepened. Phoenix didn’t want to imagine what Irene was experiencing right now.

‘My Lady has already experienced being kidnapped. She still has the trauma from that time... she will be frightened.’

In the past, there was Doran. However, Doran was gone now.

‘My Lady, please don’t worry. Your subject will help you!’


Phoenix groaned. Then he used all his strength and got up from the bed.


The knights freaked out. It was because blood was seeping through the bandage wrapped around Phoenix’s chest.

‘He will die!’

Phoenix had a big...

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