Chapter 929 (Teaser)

Grid gained a total of 2,340 stat points from the 234 elixirs. Only one-tenth of them went into the four major stats, but that was still more than 200 points. If calculated simply, it was like gaining 20 levels. Furthermore, Grid managed to secure a large number of good luck stats and successfully enhanced his item. He couldn’t calm his excited mind. By visiting the East Continent, he jumped several steps at once. It was the feeling of receiving a windfall.

‘Pangea’s secret dungeon should also be a great place.’

Grid wanted to use the admission ticket that he earned from the last quest reward. However...


It could also be a damn trap. Compared to Garam, Grid was still a helpless little boy. Jumping a few stairs at once...? It was futile. He had to climb hundreds of steps just to be at eye-level with Garam. It wasn’t just Garam. There were many strong enemies on the West Continent, and Garam was just one of the few trials Grid would have to face.

‘I’m still lacking.’

The afterglow of joy was brief. Rather, it made Grid extremely thirsty.

‘I am still missing a lot. It is insufficient.’

He needed to be stronger. Grid thought about a few colleagues—Euphemina, Faker, Regas, Yura, Jishuka, Chris...

He hadn’t...

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