Chapter 928 (Teaser)

“Why is it dexterity?”

The number of stats that points could be invested in was limited to the four main stats. Strength, stamina, agility, and intelligence. It was the same with the elixirs. The elixirs only raised four stats. Then why did dexterity go up?

The random elixirs were different from normal elixirs. Grid took around two minutes to realize this.

“I can think of it as an elixir to raise special stats.”

The special stats Grid currently had were dexterity, persistence, composure, indomitable, dignity, insight, courage, political power, demonic power, luck, and deity.

‘Of course, the probability of the deity stat rising is 0%.’

Deity was a myth grade stat that only grew when a certain person or force deified Grid and gave him room to become a myth. It wasn’t logical to expect that the random elixir would raise the deity stat.

‘Then this means the remaining 10 stats can rise.’

This wasn’t good though. The probability of a special condition of the stat being activated was low. The resistance to status conditions given by the composure stat was low compared to the complete status resistance of a legendary class. An unreliable stat like indomitable that had a chance of invalidating damage wasn’t something the unlucky Grid should lean on.

The dignity stat was already sufficient thanks to the Overgeared King’s crown, and the effect of the insight stat to detect the behavior of the target...

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