Chapter 926 (Teaser)

With Garam’s words, the scattered puzzle pieces joined together in Grid’s mind. 

The sudden occurrence of the East Continent quest... The reason why only blacksmiths could participate even though the blacksmiths could never clear the contents of the quest... The questions about the abnormalities were now resolved.

‘Yes... It is a quest that only I could reach.’

Grid was being aimed at. He was surprisingly calm after realizing this. After all, he had found Pagma’s Rare Book because of a quest NPC, so it wasn’t systematically impossible. In the first place, the majority of players’ quests were given by NPCs. 

Grid pulled out a health potion, but Garam didn’t stop him from drinking it. Instead, Garam snorted and spoke like it was ridiculous, “Trivial and ignorant person. You have committed three sins.

“First of all, an ignorant person succeeded a yangban’s skills. It might be Pagma’s skills, but your presence alone undermines the quality of all yangbans. Your presence deserves to be erased.”

Tong, tong, tong.

There was a chain of small explosions around Garam. An invisible wind was hitting the space. The interval was shortened, and it occurred more frequently.

“Second, you dared reject my proposal. You rejected the glory of being my slave. An ignorant person like you is supposed to obey the yangbans. Do you deserve to enjoy yourself? No.”


[You have suffered 5,800 damage.]


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