Chapter 924 (Teaser)

“Protect the people well.”

“I understand. Master just has to believe in me, nyang.”

A cat was sitting on Grid’s shoulder. He had shining white fur, a plump belly, and pink jelly-like soles. The blacksmiths knew the identity of this cat. He was the best demonic beast of hell, a memphis. Noe had inherited some of the characteristics of a dragon, boasting a high level of intelligence and flying ability. He was a monster that overwhelmed the wyvern in all ways, even the crude breath. Only one out of two billion players had a memphis. The strongest pet was known to be tamed by Grid.


Noe was licking his fur. He seemed to have a very clean personality. Occasionally, he would rub against Grid’s cheek in an adorable manner. However, the blacksmiths didn’t rush toward Noe.


It was because Noe revealed his predatory nature to everyone except for Grid. Over half the steel jiangshi who jumped over the walls were beaten by Noe’s front paws.


Noe broke rocks and knocked down the steel jiangshi with one blow. The Overgeared Skeletons also broke the bones of the steel jiangshi, while Randy...

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