Chapter 922 (Teaser)

There would be a fresh attempt.

This was a comment made by Lim Cheolho. 

Chairman Lim Cheolho said that the 4th National Competition to be held in 50 days would be a place for new innovation, which was a meaningful extension of the Satisfy world ‘created by players.’


“I’m dying.” Shin Youngwoo relaxed as he emerged from the capsule. He loosened up the tense muscles. “I want to get some air...”

After visiting the S.A headquarters 10 days ago, Shin Youngwoo didn’t waste a moment checking on his four heavenly kings. Every time he connected to the game, he devised better items and worked on producing them, which gave him mental fatigue and stress.

Shin Youngwoo needed mental and physical stability. However, he was scared to go out on his own. It was the reason why he hadn’t connected to the Internet during the past few days. He didn’t have the courage to face the criticism and anger of the people that would be pouring in after he declared that he wouldn’t attend the National Competition. Youngwoo had suffered from neglect and contempt since he was a child and should be used to it, but that was not the case anymore. It was natural. People should be...

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