Chapter 919 (Teaser)

[You have entered the Vampire’s Underground City (7).]

[The entrance of the dungeon is blocked. Contact with the outside world will be blocked.]

[The dungeon boss smells an intruder.]

[The dungeon boss has discovered your identity and hurriedly retracts his magic power.] 

[The entrance of the dungeon is opened. The external barriers are removed.]

[The dungeon boss ‘Noll’ cries out to the city’s vampires.]

“He is my master.”

[The dungeon vampires are astonished.]

[They ask if he is stronger than the farmer.]

[The dungeon boss ‘Noll’ hits them.]

“Shut up.”

[The dungeon vampires close their mouths.]

[You control the Vampire’s Underground City (7).]

[This is the first time you have visited the dungeon after conquering it.]

[The dungeon information will be updated.]

[Vampire’s Underground City (7)]

[Rating: S (Temporarily Downgraded)

Boss: Noll

Monsters: Vampire familiars. Low-grade vampires, intermediate vampires, true blood vampires.

Monster Respawn Standby Time: 1 minute – 59 minutes.

Acceptable Monster Number: 10,890

-A dungeon where agriculture is actively...

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