Chapter 917 (Teaser)

[Name: Singuled

Age: 39  Gender: Male

Race: Human

Title: Successor of a Half Killing Energy Method

*When attacking, there is a 22% chance that the opponent can’t resist the ‘internal injury’ state.

*When dealing a counterattack, there is a 9% chance that the opponent can’t resist the ‘internal injury’ state.

The enemy will suffer terrible pain, and all stats will fall dramatically. It is accompanied by bleeding (severe) and reduced resources recovery.

Title: Knight of Destruction

*Increases physical attack by 20% and attack power of wide area skills by 40%. The lower the health, the greater the attack power increase.

When attacking an enemy with internal injuries, 2,400–4,400 additional fixed damage will be inflicted.

Level: 455

Strength: 4,001  Stamina: 1,760

Agility: 1,008    Intelligence: 209

Skill: Empire's Swordsmanship (B), Penance (A), Frenzy (SS), Half Killing Energy Destruction Method (SS)

-The Third Knight of the former Red Knights.

He inherited his family’s vision and sometimes feels sad about his power, which kills the enemy in a terrible manner.]

‘Amazing.’ Grid felt in awe of Singuled as he confirmed Singuled’s information through Character Observation. It was the...

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