Chapter 913 (Teaser)

The growth type hidden class, Aura Master, brought the potential of aura to the extreme.

Hurent’s aura exceeded the level of merely strengthening weapons or amplifying the power of a skill. He could freely convert aura into a certain weapon or release it as a dragon’s breath. In fact, he could even leave an aura marker on all living creatures and summon aura at that point, causing all types of variables in combat. Yes, there was no limit to an Aura Master. Hurent was strong.

Several years before the Reidan invasion, he had already been beyond the category of a player. At the time, the S.A Group had assessed Hurent’s strength as the same level as Kraugel’s, which had been several times higher than the Grid of that time. That’s right. Hurent was one of the five people that Lim Cheolho called the Five Miracles.

However, Hurent later met Grid, who had achieved rapid growth, in the 1st National Competition. Hurent’s Aura Master class hadn’t been completed yet, and he was defeated in a futile manner. After that, his reputation was...

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