Chapter 912 (Teaser)

“Knight of Destruction Singuled, I greet you.”


This person knew his name, which had become a taboo and was forgotten? Singuled was bewildered when he arrived at the Overgeared Kingdom with Asmophel and Asmophel’s friend. The person who came forward was somehow familiar. The deep eyes that seemed like they could see through him... They were unusual.

“...Mercedes?” It seemed to fit. She had long become a lady, but the more he looked, the more vivid the memories became. The girl who was Captain Piaro’s aide—wasn’t she a person of loyalty? Why was she in the Overgeared Kingdom? Confused, Singuled doubted his memories.

“I am honored that you remember.” The white-haired beauty didn’t deny it; she acknowledged that she was Mercedes.

Singuled was furious. “Dammit, that Asmophel...! It is a trap!”

His eyes became as sharp like a wolf’s, and he pulled out his sword. He had consistently been gathering information on the empire while staying in the Murray Kingdom. So, he naturally knew that Mercedes, Piaro’s aide, had become the First Knight of the Red Knights. Singuled misunderstood that Mercedes had come to arrest him and even doubted the relationship between the empire and the Overgeared Kingdom.

“The empire asked for a truce with the Overgeared Kingdom? A truce?! Hah! It is just...

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