Chapter 911 (Teaser)

After the battle between Grid and the clone was over, former Red Knight Singuled talked to the Murray King. "Thank you for your help in the meantime. I won’t forget the grace that Your Majesty has shown me until the day I die.”


The young king was sorry that Singuled was leaving now. Singuled was a guest of more than 10 years; someone the king didn’t want to leave. He wanted Singuled to stay in the kingdom to fight for him and his people.


“Take care.”

The Murray King didn’t speak his thoughts. He recalled the day when he first met Singuled, who was injured at the time, and tried to smile as gently as possible. As the king of a small nation, he knew he wasn’t qualified to keep Singuled forever.


Singuled’s heart warmed as he looked at the king. He was abandoned by the nation that he devoted his life to. He suffered damage to his mind and body and wandered the continent until the Murray King rescued him. The king was a virtuous man. Once he learned that Singuled was one of the Red...

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