Chapter 909 (Teaser)

The Behen Archipelago was an instance dungeon. It wasn’t a concept where a large number of users entered one dungeon. Rather, the map of the archipelago was copied and newly generated whenever a user entered. In other words, users entering the Behen Archipelago would have the same structure as other players but their progress would be separate.

[Code name 214098 has disappeared.]


Codename 214098 was an existence that occurred in the Behen Archipelago. It was the result of the 41st island where Grid’s class, stats, titles, items, and pets were copied and created. Originally, it was an existence that should’ve been trapped in the Behen Archipelago forever.

[Code name 214098 has been destroyed and Player Grid will be rewarded.]

The clone died while Blackening was still activated, ended up in hell and died in the open world, not the Behen Archipelago.


Could the clone be this easily raided? The members of the operation team watched with fascination as Grid discovered the name of the enemy, destroyed the clone’s armor and won smoothly.

“The reward?”

“What about the reward?”

The employees were agitated. Wasn’t...

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