Chapter 908 (Teaser)

A small tongue licked Grid’s cheek. Gentleness was conveyed to him from a furry white cat. Well, no, it was the tongue of the best demonic beast of hell—the memphis called Noe.

“Master... Are you hurt, nyong?” Noe’s speckled eyes showed he was worried about Grid. Deep concern was displayed in Noe’s bright eyes. 

Feeling thankful, Grid touched Noe’s small, round forehead. “I’m fine.”

Grid didn’t want Noe to become more anxious, so he barely swallowed his curses. Due to the effect of Indomitable, Grid had failed to deal the final blow to the clone. Grid was concerned about a counterattack and moved away, making him very uncomfortable with this situation.

‘What is this damn timing?’


[-Has a certain probability of invalidating a portion of the incoming damage. The lower the health, the higher the probability.

* The higher the number, the higher the effect.

* Stat points can’t be distributed to this stat.]

The special stat, indomitable, had a good effect. Players or NPCs with the stat could invalidate a portion of the enemy’s attack. However, the probability of it activating was between 0.01 to 0.001%. Grid wondered if the Satisfy makers had forgotten about the indomitable stat and how it could be implemented. Why? Grid...

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