Chapter 905 (Teaser)

The sea shook, and the waves shot up higher and higher. The force seemed enough to cover the sun.


After the sudden appearance of the red phoenix, the sea became boiling hot due to the rain of fire and explosions caused by the high tides. The people who witnessed these threats in succession were overwhelmed, then they sighed because of the people who appeared against the backdrop of the sun.

“Fortunately, I’m not too late.” A woman let out a short breath to cool the leftover heat of her bow. Her bewitching figure excited many men, and she was the one who summoned the red phoenix. The woman was Godly archer Jishuka—the best archer among the two billion players. 

“There are many spectators. If I use them as a blood offering, I can easily subdue that monster,” an Asian man said as he looked at the Murray soldiers and players. He was Blood Warrior Katz. Along with Agnus and Euphemina, he had been one of the first three people to obtain a hidden class.

“Euphemina lost in a one-on-one match? I guess she wasn’t prepared.” The man...

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