Chapter 904 (Teaser)

Three years ago in Satisfy time, the confrontation between Euphemina and Agnus was decided when Euphemina received the hidden quest ‘Mumud’s Soul Liberation.’ Euphemina had acknowledged Agnus’ strength and committed herself to increasing her specs. Then four months ago, she set up a full Agnus hunting plan and mobilized her contacts and money to gather Agnus’ information and neutralize his strength. She went on to duplicate multiple skills all over the continent.


“Blood Rain!”

Euphemina created a magic shield as dozens of dark energy blades flew through the air toward her. After playing its part, she exchanged glances with the clone over the shattered fragments of the shield which scattered and disappeared. The clone was still expressionless. He showed no signs of agitation or irritation despite the fact that his attack skills had been neutralized a few times. Was he relaxed?

‘No, he just doesn’t have any emotions.’

During the unexpected battle, Euphemina was receiving Grid’s whispers in real time. He explained the background and characteristics of the clone, and...

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