Chapter 903 (Teaser)

He knew the meaning of the word ‘worry’, but he was never worried about himself. After all, the purpose of his birth was clear. Ahead of him, there was a dimensional gate swirling with magic power. 

Step, step.

There was no hesitation in the clone’s footsteps as he approached it. Baal’s voice rang out, -Poor being, the world beyond the door is the real hell. No one will welcome you. Only pain and solitude are waiting for you. Even so, do you still want to cross the gate?

“Reply. Do the great demons here welcome me?”

‘In the first place, I don’t know how to feel anything other than pain and solitude,’ the clone wanted to add. He didn’t say it for some reason though.

-At the very least, the great demons don’t hate you. They are just afraid.

“Meaningless. There is no Grid here.”

-Kuk... kukukuk! Yes, go. Show me what awaits at the end of your fleeting life that had only one purpose. I will enjoy the pain, loneliness, and despair that you will feel in...

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