Chapter 901 (Teaser)

The Murray Kingdom was surrounded by mountains and the sea. It didn’t boast the excellent infrastructure of the empire or a variety of quests like the Overgeared Kingdom, but it had its own advantages and was quite popular among players. Tens of millions of players belonged to the Murray Kingdom, and one-tenth of them were active in the capital of Juden. There was a disturbance in the city. The guards moved quickly, and the army was dispatched. Then there was a sudden explosion and screams.

“No way...”

Thousands of players heard the noise and rushed to the scene. They felt it was a surreal scene as they saw a knight in red armor fighting against a soldier in shabby armor. They jumped into the air and exchanged blows at a speed that wasn’t visible. It was reminiscent of the confrontation between Grid and Kraugel in the PvP finals of the 3rd National Competition. No, this confrontation was far more devastating.

“Asmophellllll!” The knight in red armor, Singuled, roared angrily. Every time he wielded his sword, a glow broke everything in its path.

Even the high walls surrounding a mansion were destroyed after being pierced by the glow. It was terrible to imagine...

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