Chapter 898 (Teaser)

[The Sword Aiming at the Gods was born after being smelted and forged in Asgard: First World.]

[The energy of Asgard: First World is released from the Sword Aiming at the Gods.]

[Golden clouds have appeared!]

[The golden clouds will be the bridge between you and Asgard: First World.]


The golden clouds that descended from the sky were layered like stairs. It felt like they were telling Grid to step on them and climb into the sky.

Oh...! Ohh?!

“A bridge to the goddess...!”

The Rebecca members were fascinated. The elders were frightened of Grid while being captivated by the golden clouds. Heaven existed! The golden clouds of stairs proved there was meaning in their lifelong faith and infinite worship in all those who served a god.

[The appearance of the golden clouds has amplified the morale of all those who serve the gods. During the three minute summoning time of the golden clouds, all those who serve a god will have their attack and defense increased by 10%.]

[Everyone who doesn’t serve a god will feel terrified by the golden clouds. During the three minute summoning time of the golden clouds, their attack and defense will decrease by 10%.]

[You serve multiple gods, so your attack power and defense have increased by 10%.]

Ah... Grid sighed.

Those who served a god and those who didn’t… 

After dividing humanity into these two types, the power of the golden clouds, which generated a global buff...

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