Chapter 897 (Teaser)

“...” Grid’s expression was serious as he faced his opponent. It wasn’t much different from when he met Kraugel in the PvP finals. It was because the opponent was Damian. This was despite the fact that Grid’s winning percentage against Damian was 100%.

‘He is dangerous in his full buff state.’

Damian’s unique class, Goddess’ Agent, and his status as the pope undoubtedly made him the best among the players. In particular, Damian used various buffs and was able to compete with Grid in terms of firepower.

‘The important thing to take note of is Goddess’ Wrath.’

Once Damian drew two big magic circles in the air, it was a good idea to avoid a frontal battle. The magic pillars fired from the magic circles boasted overwhelming firepower reminiscent of an anti-tank gun. Previously, Grid had the protection of the God Hands and could win relatively easily, but...

‘Right now, I don’t have the God Hands.’

Grid had to weigh the pros and cons. He had sacrificed the Sword Mastery, blacksmithing skills, and the possible development of the growth of the God Hands to make a new sword. It was necessary for him to confirm the value of the item that replaced the God Hands.

‘Based on the performance, the sword is much better than the God Hands....

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