Chapter 895 (Teaser)

[Blade Aiming at the Gods]

[Rating: Myth

Durability: Infinite   Attack Power: 4,395

* Attack speed will increase by 20%

* 40% increase in physical attack power.

* 70% bonus lightning attribute damage.

* 20% bonus divine attribute damage.

* 5% bonus shadow attribute damage.

* 50% bonus damage to transcendent beings such as gods, angels, great demons, boss monsters, and named NPCs.

* There is a high probability of dealing an electric shock when attacking.

* There is a certain probability of lightning (large) being summoned.

* There is a low probability of emitting a magnetic force when attacking.

* There is a very low probability of summoning a golden cloud when attacking.

* There is a low probability of summoning a God Hand when attacking.

* The skill ‘Contempt For the Weak’ has been created.

-A blade made by the blacksmith Grid, who gained enlightenment while fighting against a god.

The divine power in the White Light Mithril suppresses the magic contained in Astaroth’s Horn while maximizing the lightning energy of the Strengthened Blue...

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