Chapter 894 (Teaser)

『 There is still no news of the Overgeared King? 』

『 Yes. He is still missing. 』

『 Hasn’t it been three days since he went missing? What about the Overgeared Kingdom? 』

『 The Overgeared members are claiming that Grid is safe, but... people are still uneasy. This will adversely affect the domestic and foreign situation... 』

The news pieces all over the world were about Grid. As the world focused on Grid who had gone missing during the temple’s opening ceremony, strange rumors started to circulate among the accessory maker players. It was rumored that the Yatan Church was looking for accessory makers. Why was the evil Yatan Church looking for accessory makers? All sorts of rumors spread to the ears of the accessory maker players. It was difficult to relate the Yatan Church to accessory makers, so it was judged as simply rumors.

‘Master might be in danger!’ The 7th ranked accessory maker Clover, however, was alarmed. The Yatan Church was looking for accessory makers. How could such a strange rumor spread? The Yatan Church might have a reason for needing an accessory maker. Clover couldn’t rule out the possibility that the rumor was true. He thought that his master...

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