Chapter 887 (Teaser)

People who accumulated experience and skills in their field of expertise were treated with respect everywhere. In short, being at the pinnacle evoked respect. Picasso was at the pinnacle.

“It is an honor to meet you like this.”

“Please look after me in the future.”

The Overgeared Guild welcomed Picasso who had just joined them. The Overgeared members who had been scattered all over the continent flocked together to greet her. Despite being busy with maintaining their ranking and looking after their territory, they took a break. Of course, they also intended to visit the 10 meritorious retainers.

“Once you’re done in Reinhardt, stop by Bairan.”

“No, come to Reidan first. Jishuka, have you forgotten that Reidan is the second capital? Reidan is naturally after Reinhardt.”

“Reidan is too big. There are more than one or two facilities there, and it will take a long time. It is advantageous to start from the relatively small Bairan first.”

“It is a way of thinking that fits your rural tastes.”

“Rural? Hehe, our Chris seems to have grown up? It has been a while since you’ve had an arrow stuck in your butt.”

“Isn’t it funny to bring up the L.T.S days now? It is just like how you were tied up by Zirkan in the old days.”

“Zirkan? Why are you bringing...

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