Chapter 886 (Teaser)

The Haalrune Swamp near Reinhardt… 

Level 130–150 monsters occupied it in large quantities, and there were three types of boss monsters that appeared, making it a hunting ground with many users. There was the level 135 field boss, the swamp lion, the level 145 field boss, the mud lamia, and the level 160 field boss, the gigant minion. Each field boss gave a big reward, so it would be strange if they weren’t loved. People dreamed of raiding the field bosses in Haalrune Swamp.

“...I thought it would be nice to meet a boss.”

At the center of the swamp, a party of 21 players with levels in the 140s fell into a panic. There was a swamp lion, a mud lamia, and a gigant minion in front of their eyes.

“...But how could three bosses appear at the same time?”

The boss monsters in Haalrune Swamp were known to respawn 36–80 hours after a raid. Additionally, the respawn points were random. In other words, the probability of all three boss monsters appearing in the same area wasn’t high. The party had never planned to raid three boss monsters while hunting in the Haalrune Swamp.

Kuek! We can’t win! Everyone scatter!...

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