Chapter 885 (Teaser)

‘It is uncomfortable.’

Grid was in a sky garden with a panoramic view of the Vatican. He sat in the center of the garden which was carved in the middle of a mountain. As he sat alone at a table made of silver, his hair scattered in the breeze. His appearance was quite striking while he drank tea. The Vatican members present flushed red. How could the hero who saved the Vatican not be appealing? Yet, this view was quickly removed.

Spit! Spit spit spit!


It was because Grid spat out the black tea that he had just poured into his mouth. He couldn’t enjoy this bitter taste, and his current appearance was far from graceful.

Ah! I forgot to add honey.’ 

Grid put down his tea and drank some cold water. He had been so deeply immersed in his thoughts that he even forgot to put sweet honey in the bitter tea!

‘Creepy. It is terrifyingly creepy.’

Grid was full of doubts.

‘Why do they keep trying to tempt me?’

The Crossroad of Good and Evil and Cleanse the First Holy Sword quest gave the reward of strengthening God’s Command. This passive...

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