Chapter 883 (Teaser)

The role of the blacksmithing god, Hexetia, was to inform humanity of how to use fire and iron. Hexetia descended to the earth under the will of the goddess of life and faithfully fulfilled his role. He gave the concept of cooking and tools to the savage humans. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the development of humanity was due to Hexetia, and he was very proud of this fact. He realized this was the reason why the gods existed, and it filled him with satisfaction.

However, it was only for a short time. Human beings were arrogant and evil. They would throw babies into boiling iron or cover the iron with the blood of virgins. Humans were uncivilized beings who relied on the gods and passed their responsibilities onto others instead of developing their own trivial skills.

“They are worse than the great demons.”

Hexetia felt only hatred toward them. So, he started to thoroughly ignore humanity. He didn’t care when they reached out for...

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