Chapter 879 (Teaser)

‘How do I cleanse it?’

Grid felt troubled as he held the holy sword, but he showed no signs of great anxiety. He believed he would naturally figure out the method to cleanse it during the process of doing the quest.

‘It is likely done by using the Goddess’ Tears.’

Just like the Yatan Church had the Yatan Essence, the Rebecca Church had the Goddess’ Tears. If the Yatan Essence was a universal poison, then the Goddess’ Tears was a powerful remedy. Grid had experience with the Goddess’ Tears and was confident that he could use them properly. The difficulty of this quest wouldn’t be high.

‘It isn’t arrogance.’

The class quests of Pagma's Successor had something in common every time. The process of acquiring a class quest was very difficult, but the difficulty of the class quest itself wasn’t very high. Grid had on a bright expression as he was reminded of the previous class quests.

“Okay. I’ll start right now.”

He would surely cleanse the holy sword. The new sword dance and goddess’ blessing alleviated some of his regret about missing out on being a half-god. Despite this, Damian poured cold water on the motivated Grid. No, he calmed Grid down. He said, “Not today.”



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