Chapter 877 (Teaser)

‘Isn’t this a scam?’

40 hits dealing 200% attack power per second...? If he hit a target with all 40 attacks, he would cause 8000% damage in just one second.

‘Of course, if the target isn’t a fool, they will try to dodge or block...’

Grid had the Enlightenment Sword. He might encounter a great player who would dodge more than half of the 40 strikes, but the black flames or red lightning bolts meant he could expect more than 8000% attack power.

‘Who could handle this?’

Except for boss monsters, wouldn’t Grid be able to deal with almost all his enemies in one blow? In particular, players with relatively low health in comparison to monsters wouldn’t be able to afford this attack power.

‘It is possible to beat them in one blow.’

If Grid took into account that Link had the shortest cooldown of one minute among Pagma's Sword Dance, it was unquestionably an invincible skill. It was the strongest skill that would kill an enemy in front of him with every minute!

‘If I connect it with other sword dances immediately afte...

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