Chapter 875 (Teaser)

There were people who made others feel physically disgusted. Grid was one such person to Agnus. According to one theory, Grid had a past that resembled Agnus’. Grid hadn’t experienced something as serious as failing to protect his beloved, which led to her death, killing those responsible, and mourning his lover afterward.

‘He also suffered!’ Agnus knew that it was difficult to compare the pain that individuals suffered. The bullies who had harassed him and devastated his lover were an example. They had used his palm as an ashtray every morning and laughed at him, but hadn’t he endured the pain and turned the pages of his textbook?

Yes, pain was a relative and selfish thing. The pain he suffered couldn’t be considered any worse than what Grid had suffered. This was the actual reason why he physically found Grid disgusting.

‘I can’t understand!’ Why didn’t Grid spend his life abusing others after what happened to him? ‘Why does he look so happy?’

Grid was always with someone—his family, lovers, and friends. They were always smiling while standing with him. This was difficult for Agnus to understand. Had Grid forgotten...

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