Chapter 874 (Teaser)

Grid touched the red-eyed Irene gently. It was an attitude like he was handling the most precious treasure in the world. 

“I was praying that you were safe the entire time I headed here. Thank you. I’m really thankful that you’re safe.”

“Your Majesty...”

Grid’s eyes, hand gestures, and warm words gave Irene great happiness. Irene’s affection for Grid was now close to infinitely deep.

“You don’t know how happy I am to be here...”

If Irene had been alone in the crisis, she would’ve felt more sorry than joyful. She would’ve felt guilty that she had forced the king to come all the way here while he was busy taking care of the country and its people. However, Irene wasn’t alone in today’s crisis. Her son Lord, the loyal Kasim and Chucksley, and the young knights who were the future of the country were all in danger. Irene felt a deep gratitude and respect to Grid who had saved all of them.

“On the first day we met, you were fighting to...

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