Chapter 872 (Teaser)

[Dantalion’s Knowledge Fragment]

[★Fighting Knowledge ★ 

-A fragment containing the fighting knowledge of the 25th great demon, Dantalion.

Most of the knowledge is lost, but it is far beyond the knowledge of an ordinary human. 

Martial arts will evolve one step further.

Knowledge Acquisition Conditions: A martial artist type profession.

Knowledge Acquired: All skill level +1. 10% increase in attack speed, 20% increase in evasion.] 

‘This is a great demon’s ability?’

Four years after becoming Pagma's Successor, none of Grid’s skills had reached the master level. It was extremely difficult to raise skill levels, which meant that the value of the Dantalion’s Knowledge Fragment was unreasonably high. This wasn’t even all of the knowledge.

Despite the two levels he gained from killing Hill, Grid had been disappointed when only one old booklet dropped. Then his thoughts changed after reading the description of the booklet. Rather than disappointed, he was now satisfied, and his admiration for it was far beyond his satisfaction.

‘Is there something like a blacksmith’s knowledge fragment? In any case, this knowledge would be a great help to Regas.’

Grid didn’t think about how much it could be sold for and the people it could be sold to. He had no intention of taking anything from his colleagues. Right now, he wasn’t frantic about immediate gains. It wasn't because he had become a pushover who easily gave things to others. Instead,...

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