Chapter 869 (Teaser)

“Soul Decay.”

“Dirty Whispers.”

“Mel-Pia’s Land.”

“Rising Desire.”

Pope Damian was greeted with a harsh reception by the black magicians. All types of black magic tried to neutralize Damian’s body, mind, and soul, but it was wishful thinking.

[The pope can’t be corrupted by darkness.]

[The ‘decay’ state has been resisted.]

[The ‘confused’ state has been...]

[The ‘hunger’ state has been...]

[The 'berserk’ state has been...]

The pope had the power to block black magic at its source! Damian’s 80% dark resistance and 100% black magic CC resistance amazed the thousands of black magicians. Their magic didn’t go through at all? The black magicians were overwhelmed by Damian who denied their existence, and this had a profound effect on the battlefield.

[The emergence of the Rebecca Church’s pope has reduced the morale of the Yatan Church members.]

[The defense and magic resistance of the Yatan Church members have been reduced by 60%.]

[Yatan’s Servants have a duty to lead the members. The morale of Yatan’s Servants isn’t affected.]


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