Chapter 868 (Teaser)

The righteous heroes had been attracted by hymns and set up statues and temples for the goddess. The heroes had raised the saint, who became a pope and then a hero. This was the legendary history—the birth of the Rebecca Church. The Holy Sword was the first emergence of the goddess’ will. It was the symbol of the pope and the pride of the church.

At the end of the Dark War, the sword was inserted into a rock and couldn’t function at all. However, the symbolic significance of the sword was still intact, and its value couldn’t be determined. At least, this was the case in the eyes of the Rebecca Church.

‘Our precious treasure ended up in the hands of the Yatan Church!’

From the elders to the priests, the Rebecca believers were forced to become agitated. Their sacred treasure wasn’t allowed to outsiders, yet it was being taken by a dirty Yatan Servant? This was an unbelievable sight.

[The Sword Stuck in the Rock has fallen into the hands of the Yatan Church!]

[The morale of the Rebecca Church has decreased drastically.]

[The defense and magic resistance of the Rebecca members have been reduced by 60%.]

[The pope has a duty to lead the members. The pope’s morale is unaffec...

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