Chapter 867 (Teaser)

[★Hidden Quest★ ‘Vatican Invasion’ has been abandoned.]

[Affinity with the Yatan Church has decreased by 100.]

[The relationship with the Yatan Church has changed from friendly to wary.]

The Vatican Invasion was a hidden quest with huge rewards, and the clear probability of a story unfolding from it was very high. Yet Agnus was now abandoning the honeypot that he had been certain to win. It was a craziness that no one could understand.

“You are crazy!!” Rose screamed. It was already too late to stop Agnus. Lich Mumud attacked Silvenas, while Agnus flew through the gap and reached Irene.


He was the man who was called a mad dog. Coke was frightened when the man everyone called crazy approached the queen and prince. He didn’t know that Agnus had stopped Silvenas’ scream and squeezed his sword with trembling hands. The sight of a weak person determined to defend someone caused Agnus’ eyes to flash with emotion. 

Recalling his past helpless self who hadn’t been able to protect...

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