Chapter 862 (Teaser)

Damian heard that she had entered her 30s, yet Irene was still pure and beautiful. She didn’t look like she had aged at all. Irene had already been a perfect woman even before she matured.

‘She is older than Grid.’

There was a bittersweet smile on Damian’s face as he watched Irene put down her cup of tea. He was also in love with Isabel, so he felt that the gap between players and NPCs was painful and sad. Irene was looking affectionately at her son, Lord, who was embarrassed about being stuck between the bald elders. Damian continued to smile as he also turned his attention to Lord. “Prince Lord has better manners now. Despite his innate talent that pierces the heavens, his humble and upright nature is thanks to your hard work.”

“No. The prince was born with a good heart.”

Personality wasn’t something that could be resolved merely through education alone. Irene was a prominent noble from the fallen Eternal Kingdom, and she had witnessed numerous corrupted aristocrats. Didn’t they hurt the weak with ease and only care about...

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