Chapter 858 (Teaser)

Valhalla’s invasion of the Ultina Kingdom was entering the final phase. Ultina’s outer fortresses had been destroyed, and the walls of the capital had been smashed through. After the fall of the fortified walls, Valhalla’s strong army one-sidedly killed Ultina’s weak soldiers who were obedient to the empire.

The reason why the Ultina Kingdom could hold on was thanks to the struggles of the Ultina Guardian Knights, who had completed their fourth class advancement. Pon had watched the news of Valhalla’s invasion war when he logged out, and now he raised this question, “Can we just stand by like this?”

Just like the other Overgeared members, Pon was very wary of Valhalla. Overgeared and Valhalla were currently allies due to having a common enemy, the empire. Yet what if Valhalla became an enemy? Fostering Strong Soldiers—Ares’ skill which allowed him to raise strong soldiers quickly—was placing enormous pressure on the Overgeared Kingdom.

However, Lauel was surprisingly calm. “You don’t have to worry. Just leave it alone.”

“What? Haven’t you heard from the ones who went to support the Valhalla war? Ares’ forces will soon become stronger than the Overgeared Kingdom’s...

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