Chapter 854 (Teaser)

Most of Lich Mumud’s high-level spells had a mix of two or more attributes. The same was true for Explosion. Mumud first summoned strong winds and then ignited the flames. These flames boasted a higher accuracy and destructive power than normal Explosions. According to Agnus’ experience, even a third advancement paladin, who would have higher magic resistance than the other classes, would lose half their health with one shot.

‘She’s fine?’

However, Yura emerged from the explosion with no wounds on her body. Her health gauge was stable too.

“You aren’t harmed? Kik!” Agnus’ eyes shone with joy again. He briefly forgot his purpose for coming here.

Duguen! Duguen! His heart was racing. The only moment he could feel alive was in urgent situations when he found breathing difficult! 



It was a lie to say they didn’t know each other. Until the comet known as Grid appeared and disturbed the rankings, Yura and Agnus had been at the forefront and were quite conscious...

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