Chapter 851 (Teaser)

[An intruder has appeared in the ‘Gerad 1st Dungeon’.]

The time between the warning message and the result was unusually short.

[The Gerad 1st Dungeon’s first zone has been completely destroyed!]

[The Gerad 1st Dungeon’s second zone has been completely destroyed...]

[The Gerad 1st Dungeon’s third zone...]

[The Gerad 1st Dungeon has been completely destroyed!]


There were a total of six dungeons installed in Gerad Mountain to defend the Princess. They were thoroughly designed to keep out invaders. Yet a single dungeon had been attacked in a few minutes and was now completely destroyed. 


It couldn’t be a player when even Grid hadn’t been able to break a dungeon so quickly. Particularly, the difficulty of the Gerad Dungeon was much higher than that of the Beware Dogs dungeon that Grid had hit in the past. How could a player beat the Gerad Dungeon in minutes? According to common sense, it was impossible.

“A dragon has appeared!”

The image of the dragon that appeared in the National Competition was still vivid in Eat Spicy Jokbal’s mind. Perhaps a dragon had landed...

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