Chapter 850 (Teaser)

Asmophel and Haster didn’t bother following the fleeing soldiers. The inhabitants of the village were safe now, and it was unlikely that the soldiers would return to retaliate.

“You’re going to help me? Can you leave here? Weren’t you protecting the cabin for a reason?” Asmophel asked Haster, who had taken off the military helmet and returned it.

There was obviously a reason. Some of the skills that he learned from Master Winfred involved raising the level through ‘meditation.’ Additionally, Winfred had left a will saying that a person of distinction would visit here. Therefore, Haster had protected the cabin while waiting.

Now, it was time to leave. Haster’s skill level was high enough, and his teacher’s will seemed to be referring to Asmophel.

“I will leave now.” Haster would say goodbye to the place that contained memories of his teacher. Then a notification window appeared before Haster, causing him to smile.

[Affinity with Asmophel has increased by 10.]

Asmophel gladly welcomed Haster. “It is reassuring to be with Winfred’s disciple. I believe that we will help each other on the journey.”

“Me too.” As he replied, a transparent orange shield was formed around Haster.

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