Chapter 848 (Teaser)

Underwatch, Rainbow Seven, and Unlimited Battleground—this was the list of FPS games which had been very popular among gamers all over the world for 7 years and 10 months. In particular, after Unlimited Battleground was released, it had gotten the title of No. 1 FPS game for three years. It led the golden age of e-sports, and the public was enthusiastic about the brilliant and precise control skills of the gamers.

Among them, the gamer who was the most respected and loved by the public was Haster. Haster was a legend. He was pointed out as the best player in Underwatch, Rainbow Seven, and Unlimited Battleground. His ultimate control skill was a default. He had the patience to wait minutes in one place for the enemy and the ability to read the other players using ‘sound.’

The American media had lavished him with praise. They had been enthusiastic that a legendary pro gamer equivalent to Lim X-hwan and FakX was born in the US. The foreign media couldn’t deny it. However, Haster’s reign, which had seemed everlasting, ended in...

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