Chapter 847 (Teaser)

Kuk! Kuaaaah! Gridddd!”

Veradin thought it was a dream until he opened his eyes in the capsule. It wasn’t a dream but reality. He had died two times in a row and was forcefully logged out from Satisfy. Additionally, he permanently missed the chance to become a resident of the Hwan Kingdom.

Veradin raised himself from the capsule and couldn’t help questioning it, ‘How could he have that much power remaining?’

Penan had 3,000 troops. Thanks to the power of Merchant King Kir, there had been many rankers and soldiers armed with items, including the necromancers of Immortal. As such, Veradin had predicted that Grid would’ve consumed most of his skills and stamina in order to break through the elite troops and reach him.

No, the word ‘predicted’ was too modest. Veradin had been convinced. Grid should have been exhausted before chasing after Veradin. Even if he managed to chase Veradin, Grid shouldn’t have had the stamina to swing his sword once.


It was due to the special nature of the resource called ‘stamina.’ Stamina was different from ordinary resources such as health and mana. It wasn’t something that could...

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