Chapter 844 (Teaser)

The undead were never weak pets. They had the fundamental limit of low intelligence, but they would perform any command unconditionally. Another advantage was that they had no emotions or common sense. What about how their agility and durability which were relatively lower than those of other species? This was a problem that could be overcome be evolving into a higher undead. 

In fact, the speed of the skeleton warrior was just a bit slow. Its durability was also considerably strengthened. Skeleton warriors were great pets to fight one-on-one with players of the same level. Considering the fact that a second advancement necromancer could summon skeleton warriors and a number of skeletons, a necromancer was a very favorable combat class. 

Still, this was just referring to general hunting or PK. A necromancer was a vulnerable class when it came to boss raids. It was virtually impossible for the undead’s attack and durability to defeat a boss monster’s extremely high defense and attack power.

“...Should we just surrender?”

The elite necromancers of Immortal lost their fighting spirit as the new Grid was a boss monster itself. They were convinced that they would never be able to beat Grid with their a...

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