Chapter 838 (Teaser)

It was like watching wild dogs with rabies. The terrible kapen skunks that foamed at the mouth were threatening monsters which stimulated a human’s primordial fear. 

As she faced the skunks rushing through the foothills, Royman, an Overgeared knight, yelled, “Archers! Run and seize the highlands! The spearmen and shield soldiers will buy time here with me!”


The kapen skunks appeared at the outskirts of Reinhardt every spring and were level 277. Their strength and awful stench gave hell to the knights and soldiers of the Eternal Kingdom. Due to the large casualties that occurred without exception, many tombstones were erected every spring, which produced the saying ‘there is no stone in the spring of Eternal.’

However, Reinhardt was now part of the Overgeared Kingdom. The knights and soldiers of Overgeared confronted the kapen skunks boldly. Their flesh had been trained while farming with Piaro!

Haaap! Royman moved faster than the skunks jumping on rocks, trees, and other objects as she placed her shield on the ground, embedding the sharp end of the triangular shield in it.

As soon as the skunks...

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