Chapter 837 (Teaser)

“I won’t forget...! Never! Never!!” Anger and hatred filled Kir’s eyes as he screamed and turned to gray, showing his willingness to get revenge no matter what.

However, Grid’s expression was calm. Naturally, Grid knew that being the subject of a deep grudge could be deadly. A disaster might end up returning to him. After all, Grid had many grudges in the past and had experienced returning anger and hatred to his opponent. Therefore, he couldn’t be unaware of this fact.

‘...Now, I have become the target of revenge.’

The more power he gained, the more he had at stake.

“Is it okay to push him this far?”

“Why wouldn’t it be okay?” Grid didn’t regret his choice. His eyes weren’t shaken as he stared at Jishuka, who looked extremely worried. “Was there something wrong with my actions today?” 

Merchant King Kir was a potential competitor, but Grid had fought for a just reason. Since it had already happened, it was better to crush Kir thoroughly. Showing mercy was just likely to lead to deadlier disaster being returned to Grid. At this moment, weren’t there...

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