Chapter 835 (Teaser)

Pant! Pant! Pant! Cough...!

No matter how much Kir ran, he couldn’t see the end. The forest, which he had believed to be a treasure warehouse, was now more terrible than hell. The beautiful flowers and trees, the fresh air, and the sweet fragrance of fruit all seemed like a deceitful curse. There were constant questions in Kir’s head as he swallowed a potion and checked his stamina gauge.

How had this happened? Why had he met Grid? Why had Grid become hostile to him? Was it that big a deal that he had enslaved the elves? Why did he have to experience this pain? Maybe Grid had planned this entire situation?

‘Was I dancing on Grid’s palm?’

When on earth had he started planning this? Had it been since Kir started investigating the forest of the world tree?

Ugh..!” The huge shadow on the ground made Kir’s heart throb. He felt an infinite pressure as Huroi’s wyvern flew above his head.

“Pero! Avoid it!”

The white horse—no, the unicorn jumped sideways like a crab at Kir’s command. These movements weren’t possible for a normal horse. The flames emitted by the wyvern moved straight ahead and would’ve completely burned the spot where they had been traveling.

Kir followed the path of fire to the left and gulped. ‘A wyvern doesn’t have infinite mana.’

The wyvern had a limit of one or...

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