Chapter 834 (Teaser)

-Huroi: Your Majesty! I’ve found that damn bastard!

-Grid: That damn bastard? Do you mean Kir?

-Huroi: Yes! 

-Grid: Good. Faker, join Huroi right now. I will follow after rescuing the elves.

-Faker: I understand. But as I said, be careful.

Players like Grid who didn’t have a lot of dependence on pets were rare. Pets boasted different characteristics depending on their species, attribute, sex, level, and so on. Most ordinary players felt the limits of their individual strength and were forced to rely on pets.

As a result, the levels of their pets were naturally high. The flames emitted from the level 300 Lord of the Skies above the Grasslands, which had been active since Huroi’s early days, was enough to threaten Kir.

[You have suffered 9,700 damage!]

[You have been burned! You will receive 1,330 burn damage per second.]

Kuuack!” Kir was swept up by the flames and struggled with the pain.

His legendary armor, jewelry, and items received terrible damage. Additionally, his defense and resistance were lower after being affected by Huroi’s Spiteful Tongue. Kir couldn’t...

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