Chapter 833 (Teaser)

“Y-Your Majesty!”

What was this? It was an unbelievable sight! Mercedes looked at the sky with a devastated expression. Then Kir urged her, “Your Majesty? Are you referring to Grid? Then you should hurry. Isn’t it dangerous to be alone this deep in the forest?”

Kuk!” There was nothing more important than her master’s safety. Mercedes looked at the elves and then at the ugly Kir before leaving without hesitation. She ran in the direction that Grid had flown to. It was only after she had left completely that Kir revealed his desperate situation. “Another unexpected expenditure...”

[Flying Money]

[-Hits the target and blows them away. It applies to everyone that can’t resist the smell of money, except a certain species.

It inflicts 1 damage to the target and blows the target 3 kilometers away.

Skill Resource Consumption: Gold in proportion to the target’s level and attack power will be consumed. The skill won’t activate if there isn’t enough gold.

Skill Cooldown Time: None.]

Flying Money was a survival skill that only a third advancement merchant could acquire. Since there were only two merchants who had acquired their third advancement class, there were only a few people who knew the identity of this skill. This meant people didn’t know much about the skill, and even Kir couldn’t grasp it accurately.

Why? That was because he’d never used it before! As a result, he confirmed that it was a very powerful skill that guaranteed a high survival rate.

“...430,000 gold was blown away.”

An absurd amount of money was consumed. Kir expected the spending to be great considering the effect of the skill, but he hadn’t expected it to be so big. When he saw that his number...

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