Chapter 830 (Teaser)

Unbreakable Justice was an area of effect skill that dealt 300% of his attack power. The members of Kir’s group that were around level 250 couldn’t respond to Grid’s immediate skill and were struck by his fist.

[You have suffered 2,900 damage.]

[You have suffered 3,150 damage.]


Fast. It was an attack that they couldn’t see. However, it was bearable. While Grid might’ve been ranked first in PvP, it would still be difficult for him to kill them instantly while they were equipped with unique rated equipment. The five players attacked by Grid relied on the items that were available to them since joining Kir’s Company and attempted a counterattack. The narrow field of view of an ordinary player didn’t notice the threat coming from behind them.

[You have suffered 11,290 damage.]

[You have suffered 9,870 damage.]


Someone else’s blade flew towards them? The players were astonished as they looked behind them and saw the spinning blade before belatedly discovering the silver thread hanging from the end of the blade. The blade flashed red and headed towards the sword in Grid’s hand as if it were being sucked into the...

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